Pros and Cons of being a freelancer

Are you looking to step into the rollercoaster ride of Freelancing? Do you strive to drop your 9 to 5-day job and work from home permanently? Are you ...

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New group created for freelancers in Miami

We are inviting a large list of freelancers in Miami/South Florida area to join the facebook group miami.freelancers. We understand the importance of ...

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Why we help startups?

Being in a new business may be a roller coaster of emotions. Most important, it is the moment when you need the most help and you may be getting the l...

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Is your email list worthy?

Have your maps app taken you to a business or restaurant that is no longer open? I bet all of us have had one of those surprises. If a handful of outd...

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Should my restaurant have an app?

The creation of a dedicated restaurant app in this niche is more of a way of increasing quality of service than of enhancing the menu. It’d be fair ...

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