Why we help startups?

Being in a new business may be a roller coaster of emotions. Most important, it is the moment when you need the most help and you may be getting the least support. You are looking for guidance, you are cash-strapped, some lose friends and others have to overcome insane levels of debt. We have been there, the struggle is real and if you ever took the leap and chased the dream of becoming a business owner, you know what I am talking about.

I never planned seriously on starting an agency, but life acts in mysterious ways. I parted ways with a big corporation that didn't appreciate the type of work my team was doing. As a mean to survive we started freelancing, out of 3 friends, one would do sales and 2 would focus on developing. Months passed by and our cash reserves passed from scarce to none. Something had to change.

As a result of countless nights with no sleep, we made the hard choice of restructuring the team. I would try to do sales and produce at the same time. With little to no relations, I spent days working 16 hours studying every possible job marketplace and sending proposals.

The effort pays.

After a few weeks, I started to see the pattern, I understood what I needed to find opportunities, I also found my first market value by testing and failing over and over till I got it right. I didn't just found enough work for me, but for my partner and 3 more team members. It was possible, if there were ever doubts that we could succeed, we got palpable proof that the possibility was real.

A bit over 3 years have passed from those days and although we now work with some well established companies, we haven't forgotten how hard the first times were and for that reason we have stayed committed to helping new businesses to find their path. And guess what? For this work, we were recently recognized as a Top Software Development Company on DesignRush!

If you have just started a side business or left your 9-to-5 to go full gears on your dream. We at Properos want you to know that it is possible. Try, fail, recover, again and again, till you make it.


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