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About Properos

Founded in 2015 by a group of Computer Scientists and Mathematicians, Properos is a US-headquartered provider of IT consulting services and custom software development with 50+ IT professionals and associates located in US and other countries.

We pride to tailor custom algorithms to boost efficiency for our customers working on the areas of CRM, Data Analysis, Collaboration & Knowledge Management and Information Security. During this venture we have relied on and partnered with Shopify, Chase Paymentech, Authorize.Net, Paypal, Oracle, Magento, Dwolla, Stripe and more tech leaders to ensure that our customer wil always receive the best available practices and most up to date solutions.

From our first days we’ve brought custom and platform-based solutions to large and midsized companies in Real Estate, Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Telecom and other industries. Dozens of companies rely on our solutions in their daily operations.

If you are looking to get some work done or need help optimizing your business processes, you are in the right place!

You may also want to register with us, if you are if you are a job seeker and have one of these or similar professions: software developer, designer, marketing, content writer or salesman.


Getting quick results is part the target in every engagement. We divide and prioritize every project and make sure to make continuous deliveries that can let the customer see progress as it happens.

Easy to access

We don't believe in bureaucracy, nor in keeping the distance. We are always one call or video conference away from our clients. For emails we always respond within 24 hours and usually as quick as in 5 minutes.


Scratching the surface is not our business, we go deep into our client's requirements. Our goal is to find, identify, solve and document the details of the business that not even the client have thought of.

Yoandro G. Vizoso

CEO / Founder


Yoandro has worked through the whole cycle of software and web development for a number of start-ups and other well-established businesses. All this guided by the satisfaction that is only felt when helping others. He knows how to take the spark of an idea and make it a live product. With over 20 years of experience, he can leverage all the knowledge acquired on past projects to quickly identify and solve any challenge.

Roberto A. Heredia

COO / Founder


Roberto has made a career in Computer Science and Mathematics with a strong background in algorithms and processes optimization. After working a few years in a linguistics research center, designing dictionary databases and language teaching platforms he dedicated himself to web development, gathering expertise in all the most popular frameworks from PHP, Java, a lot of Javascript, and a pantheon of libraries. He’s worked on projects of all types and intensities, including websites, shopping carts, ecommerce and inventory systems as well as ERPs and CRMs, PHP, Javascript, Java, Backend Development, Frontend Development, MySQL, Cordova, and mobile apps.

Joan A. Aguilar

Head of R&D


Joan is a software engineer, he started as a software design teacher for undergraduates. In his current position he puts a lot of energy into researching new technologies for its early adoption and designing standards that are to be used through out the company. Joan is a excels at design patterns, frontend design, VueJS, CSS/HTML, PHP with Laravel, Zend, Code Igniter, a few others frameworks, C#, .Net and defining best practices for SDLC.

Dulce Naranjo



Dulce has a passion for understanding and decoding things, therefore her talent for debugging and reverse engineering. She currently has the role of Big Data Solutions Architect. She got her bachelor’s degree in telecommunications and electronics in 2011 and her master’s degree in telecommunications systems in 2014. She worked as both a low and a high-level programmer at the Center of Electronics and Automation (CDEA), but she’s also taught algorithms design and database management at the Universidad Multitécnica Profesional in Mexico. Dulce's skills include Elasticsearch, relational and non-relational databases, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PHP, Javascript, CSS, Html5, backend development, API development, and Laravel.

Russell Kemmit

Web Developer


Russel loves learning languages, when it comes to programing we could say he speaks C#, Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5 and he knows a lot dialects like JQuery, Laravel, VueJS, .Net and others. When it comes to speaking with humans we can say he speaks English, Russian, Norwegian and German. We can summarize his personality by saying he loves learning, which makes him the perfect candidate to knock and solve any problem.

Yunior Bestard

VR/AR Developer


When Yunior was a kid used to love playing video games, those who knew him from then, remember him sneaking in a computer lab to engage in network matches, years have past and Yunior still loves games, only that he makes them now. He has evolved into a VR/AR engineer, with all the tools and physics knowledge to visually assemble the most complex 3D simulations.

Olena P.

Frontend Developer


Olena is a very talented frontend developer, she is very detail oriented and her work results are always polished and flawless. She has a love for simplicity and minimalistic approaches and has also good communication skills which suit her well as a project manager. When her hands are tired she switches to traveler mode and enjoys exploring new places.

Daniel Diaz

Full-stack Developer


Daniel's Cuban flavor can be perceived as he delivers every new website, fresh and hot interfaces are his specialty, he also produces feature rich solutions. After becoming a Computer Science engineer in UCI, Havanna, Cuba, he has created dozens of websites and ERP solutions for finance and HR management.

Santlal C.

Web Developer


Santlal specializes in mobile and web development. He can create exact copies of any existing website, interface or mockup. Amongs his skills he excels in PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress Theme Development, Wordpress Plugin Development, MySQL, Angular, ReactJS, VueJS, JS, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Ionic and React Native

Javier Fontanella

Graphic Designer


Javier is a very experienced graphic designer. He has worked for several marketing agencies, small businesses and also big brands like Walmart, Nestle, McDonalds, Scott, Huggies among others. Other than designing he enjoys photography.

Fidel T.

Cabling & Network Engineer


Fidel has years of experience with structured network cabling and installations for a considerable number of buildings and campuses. Today he uses his experience designing video, voice and data networks for our clients in South Florida.

Ruben A.

.Net/Unity Developer


Ruben is a talented programmer. He serves as a lecturer, teaches in undergraduate courses and also participates in international coding contests. He has has built advertising games that are used all across US in multiple well known brands events.

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