Do you know what you need? Software development is heavily dependent on having well defined requirements for a project and each of its tasks. Our team works hand by hand with customers to document their needs. We will involve the engineers that best fit the project specifications. Your satisfaction is the end goal.


We can help you decide the best software solutions for your budget. This process usually includes a series of interviews with you to analyze your needs and prepare a proposal. Some of the use cases for this service include developing new software, planning infrastructure upgrades, reviewing the state of legacy software in your company that requires an upgrade or total replacement.


Time is money and so is planning and tracking a job correctly. We have years of experience managing projects on site and remotely. We have assembled and manage teams comprised by local contractors, contractors based in US mainland and also international teams with members spread among multiple continents. Our managers have spent years mastering several management methodologies and platforms.


Sometimes it is not about what we do, but what others do for us. How can we tell if delegated tasks are done correctly? How can we know if a project is on time based on a schedule? Who guides and clarifies any questions the contractor may have? Who is the right vendor for a job or subtask? These are only some of questions we solve when we manage your vendors.


There are cases in which no one has the right answer. Every business is different and so are its needs. For those instances where the right technology needs to be tested or discovered, we work side by side with our clients conducting researches and experiments to define the best technology. We gather the best experts for your project and find out the most convenient way to solve your problems.


With so many proposals and nice resumes. How can you tell who is the right candidate to fill a position or complete a task? We understand the language when it comes to technology and know the right questions to filter the right talent from the vast amount of proposals out there. We also understand about market pricing for the kind of job you have. Screening contractors will save you a substantial amount by paying the right price and hiring the right professionals.


Your business may be up and running. It may even feel like is fine. The question is is it running to its full potential? And by full potenital we mean answering questions like these. Could you do the same in less time? Could you do the same with less employees? Can you produce more with the same resorces? Are you using all the technology that is available to expedite your results? Making your business more efficient will translate in a greener future.

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