Pros and Cons of being a freelancer

Are you looking to step into the rollercoaster ride of Freelancing? Do you strive to drop your 9 to 5-day job and work from home permanently? Are you afraid that you won't be able to make a living being a freelancer? Whether you are an experienced freelance worker or if this is just the beginning, there are several pros and cons to this field of work that you should know.

The large amount of websites and apps that you can use is a definite plus. The downside is that mixed among that large pile of job offers are a few scams. The scams are usually easy to spot and avoid but don't get too comfortable because there are a select few that will get by even a seasoned freelancer's radar. The basic scams will be misspelled, not explain the job in detail, and either get you to buy something or they try to send you money. There are more tips and tricks that you can use to detect scammers online.

Being your own boss definitely has perks. You can make your own schedule and go to work in your pajamas. There are a lot of job offers because the client is usually only looking to hire you for a small project. You receive full compensation without taxes taken out. Because the payments are tax-free, that means that you are responsible for paying those taxes. If you aren't careful and organized you could land yourself in debt. It is best to keep a journal or a filing system of some kind to keep track of your jobs, your payments, and the taxes you will owe. Make a schedule and come up with a system that works for you before you get too far along.

The main lessons you should take heed of early are to have a schedule or system, stick to it, and stay organized. Having a schedule will keep you motivated and on track. Keeping a filing system for all your accounting needs or even getting an accountant will definitely help you keep earning money and not stressing out at the end of the year.


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