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Our condominium solution is called REELLO™ It's designed to serve communities, associations and buildings. It comprises a suite of services and products that together create an ecosystem for multi-unit environments. Some outstanding features include custom websites, parking control, optimized flows to request parking decals, overnight passes, payment processing, CCTV Surveillance Systems, shared documents, events calendar, access control and network monitoring.


The competitive edge is only acquired by separating you from the crowd. This is the most common reason for which our customers seek custom software, but also because they want a turn key solution tailored to their business. We count on engineers with a variety of skills and we will get the best brains for your job.


Nothing feels correctly glued without building identity. Our designers can help you create a unique presence physically and on the cyberspace. Our professionals have work with brands like Walmart, McDonalds, and Nestle among others to create distinctive imagery for marketing campaigns, software, stationary and event collaterals.


Whether you have a store, you rent or have any sort of subscription services, if you are charging payments over the internet then you are into e-commerce. We are here to help, we have worked with all major ecommerce platforms like woocommerce, Shopify, Magento BigCommerce, eBay and Amazon; but we also work building custom solutions to process inbound and outbound payments.


This one is way every business needs at least a basic presence on the internet, not having a website these days affects your credibility, it's also important to note that over 66 percent of websites traffic comes from mobile devices. So, why don't you have responsive site yet? Is it good enough? How about load speed? Is it SEO friendly? Contact us for more advise.


Any business process and databases need two things: management and dashboards. Where good user admin interfaces make easy and highly automated the management business information, dashboard are made to save time, allowing users from all levels to see at glimpse a summarized status of what's happening, it could be sale orders, support tickets, stock prices, new registered users or notifications. Dashboards are worth every penny.


Tools for Enterprise Resource Planning, Contact Relationship Management and Content Management Systems are more necessary than ever as the data becomes endlessly bigger for any business. Companies without adequate tend to lose over 50% of sales opportunities and customers due to poor customer service, follow ups and issue identification and resolution. Investing in software to automate your business can result in increased profits, time availability and reduced labor needs. Start being efficient today!

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